About Us

About Us

Jhra industries, established in the year 2019 near the heart of the industrial hub of the national capital Delhi. We are the first of its kind unit which is into both manufacturer’s and producers of drill bits in India.

Jhra is proud to be one of the torch bearers of the atmanirbhar bharat and make in India campaigns. Brilliance in our workmanship and production of accurate, precise and par excellence drill bits in our trademark. Drill bits made at our unit outshine the counterpart chinese drill bits.

At jhra we have a note-worthy development plan excelling in product development, innovation and timely delivery. For this we depend on our wide range of distributer’s network, spanning the length and breadth of the country, this dealer network is a part of our strong bonds and long-term vision developed with our partners and clients a like. We believe in providing our esteemed customers with superior quality products at unbeatable prices which are proudly made in India.

Why Choose Us?

High quality products

If you are looking for a quality product, then we are your best chance. We are one of the first SDS drill bits manufacturers in India. Our technologically state-of-the-art production facility ensures that the customer always gets a reliable and accurate product. This has made us the leading provider of SDS drill bits. We have impossibly high standards of quality checking that makes us extremely successful. In fact, this is ingrained in our company DNA resulting in zero complaint rates.

Reasonable pricing

Since ours is a native production facility, we control all aspects of manufacturing. Thanks to economies of scale, we can create a very economical product. To further balance the scale, mass manufacturing also helps reduce the manufacturing cost. Thus, you can get excellent quality at reasonable rates with us.

Excellent service

One of the key points that can make or break any organization is the service they provide to their customers. We are renowned for our great service. We ensure that our clients’s needs are always kept in mind, and their queries are adequately and timely handled.


One of the main perks of owning a production plant is that it enables us to provide a high degree of customisation to our products. We have the capability of tailor making our products according to the needs of the customers.