about us

The drill experts for professionals

The company pulled the wraps off of India’s first state of the art drill bits manufacturing plant in 2019. The plant has been churning out drill bits which are not only faster but also, more reliable than their chinese counter parts.

The company stands on 3 pillars: Quality, Price & Service.

Quality: We are india’s first full source provider of drilling tools manufactured in-house and the leading provider of SDS drill bits. It is only through our technologically state of the art production facility that we can assure a more accurate and a more reliable product every single time. Constant quality control, woven into the very fabric of the factory, helps us achieve the high standards set up by the management which is best demonstrated by our almost 0% complaint rates.

Price: One benefit of having a native production facility is that it allows us to have strict controls over all the aspects of manufacturing, combine that with the abundance of labour and raw material ; and you have the trifecta for a very reliable and an economical product.

Service: The company is known for its great service. A dedicated sales team not only tries to answer all the customer queries but also keeps in mind of the special needs of each and customer.

our Mission

Our company aims at putting a stop to the import of drill bits, by giving the country its first ever SDS drill bits manufacturing plant. The world class manufacuring facility helps the company control the entire production process and guarantees an outstanding quality product. We will provide you with the right drill bits for the right occassion.

our Vision

To be the one-stop shop for all your drilling needs. We will provide you with the perfect drill bits for for every surface that are fast, realiable and precise.